This blog has been birthed by our growing interesting in trying out as many different mince pies as possible.  Initially it didn’t start that way, but as most things do, one thing lead to another, and we began to review each one shovelled down our tiny little snouts.

And so the spark of this blog was struck, and the idea grew each day until it changed from a light-hearted jest, until what you can see before you.  Therefore what you will see below is a simple introduction from each of us.

hearno Magnum P.I.G.

Brown sauce on my bacon roll and given the choice always served in granary please.

seeno Rasher

Who doesn’t like to eat?   Well us three little pigs most certainly do, and this is what spawned from our many discussion from the office.  Yes we put up with each other during the working week.

Now I do like to have both red and brown sauce squeezed all over one of my favourite meals.  A good old hearty English breakfast, and thanks to Magnum, I have come to appreciate the joys of a great black pudding accompaniment.

speakno Pork Scratching

… (Coming soon, hopefully.)

We all hope you will enjoy coming along our little journey through the maze of foods, and really hope that this will help you in some small way.


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