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Waitrose Rich & Buttery Cherry & Almond Hot Cross Bun

Fruited hot cross buns made with Californian raisins, cherries, cranberries and almonds. Enriched with butter and egg.

Energy – 198kcal per bun.



Soft and sticky with an incredibly fragranced smell which reminds me of Amaretto Cherries , the texture and colour is light and alluring.

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Marks & Spencer The Collection Christmas Star Mince Pies

Crisp and golden all butter shortcrust pastry pies deep filled with a special mincemeat blend of plump vine fruits, glacé cherries, brandy and port.

Energy – 207kcal per pie



Little bit of deja vu here, very nicely presented with a little rustic feel although still a factory manufactured pie looks incredible tempting and attractive, not as deep as some and like the touch of a change from the normal foil container.

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