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Morrisons Market St. Stollen Cookies

Spiced cookies with sultanas, currants, cherries and marzipan flavour fudge pieces.

Energy – ?kcal per biscuit.



An interesting idea mixing Stollen into a cookie, this could be good, I’m expecting a fruity, spiced, marzipan infused mouthful of joy.

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Waitrose Heston Earl Grey Tea Stollen

A rich brioche dough containing traditional Stollen ingredients – vine fruits and marzipan – but enhanced with an Earl Grey tea infusion, an extra indulgent layer of Heston’s rich mincemeat with added ingredients of lemon curd, rose water and apple puree, soaked in brandy butter and finished with a dusting of tangerine-flavoured sugar.
Energy – 207kcal per portion.



Smells wonderful and most definitely looks the part, first bite is met with a slightly dry tasting fruity current bun, I won’t use the word stale but….

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