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Denelas Bakery Mince Pies

A high street, family run, independent bakery located in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. UK. (We happened to be in the area.)

Energy – ???kcal per pie.




Here we go a proper job hand made mince pie and it weighs in at the heavy end.

Love the texture, chunky pastry and I mean chunky and the uneven cooking, first observation not much sugar on the top, is it going to be sweet or tart.

The first bite is pastry, it’s OK but it doesn’t wow, the problem is we’ve been spoilt with buttery pastry, this is a margarine pastry and it’s not cutting it.

The mince meat is lovely and there’s plenty of it, it’s sweet which shows the lack of sugar on top is ideal, not over worked and bursting with fruit and flavours.

I just feel this is one for the terraces as opposed to the Christmas table.


It definitely has that fresh home made look.  Not factory mass produced.  And looks like it will be deep.

The pastry is hard and thick.

You can smell the pastry, and some of the sugar topping.

The mincemeat is a little sweet with a slight tangy after taste, but overall not an exceptional mince.  The pastry is too thick as that is the flavour which dominates the proceedings.





If your hungry this is the body builder of the mince pie world, on a cold hungry night in Shepton Mallet this will hit the spot, bring on the mulled cider, you’ll need it to wash it down.


It is an enjoyable homemade bakery pie, that is a little too greasy for my liking.
(I think we may have been spoilt by other pies tried.)
There is a slight film left on the roof of my mouth.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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