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M&S Handcrafted Eccles Cakes

All Butter puff pastries, folded by hand around a succulent Currant filling.

Energy – 389kcal per 100g (Packet of 2 is 165g).



It looks very succulent and buttery with a sweet topping, and crumbly pastry.

It has a nice firm texture when holding it within you fingers.

It most definitely smells like an Eccles Cake.

Wow what a rich firm fruit filling, with a nice crisp base that crunches nicely as
you take a bite. The pastry has a nice balance of flakey and firm consistency.


We like Eccles cakes and when I say we like I mean we really like Eccles cakes, our preference is a well known Lancashire brand and they are damn good so this is going to be interesting.

First observation is the size these are bigger although I’m slightly concerned with the sugar on the outside.

First bite is good, buttery pastry and an interesting soft sticky filling, the filling being flavoursome though is quite flat, the filling does leave a slight burnt after taste and the pastry at the bottom is hard, a little bit like a rich tea biscuit, it’s also overly sweet.




It is definitely up there as one of the best cakes I have tastes so far. Each bites is
Lets get more!


Unusual for a M&S product I regret this is a miss, in the Eccles cake world it felt more like an overly sweet Garibaldi biscuit than a cake.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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