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Denelas Eccles Cake

A high street, family run, independent bakery.

Energy – ?kcal per bun.



Pastry 6/10
Taste 8/10
Ratio of filling 7/10
Overall 7.5/10


Oh boy, where do you start, this is big, smells damn good and can’t be healthy.

Even cut in half it’s twice the size of a normal Eccles cake and the fruit looks delicious although the filling is sparse which is not surprising due to the size.

Now let’s be honest it’s not an Eccles cake, it’s not even remotely an Eccles cake but it does taste really good.

I’m leaning more towards a soft Easter biscuit and if this was how it was sold it would knock the spots of any Easter biscuits out there, it’s not actually that heavy to eat and the flavouring is wonderful, spiced to an inch of its life.


Plate sized heart attack.
The filling looks a little on the thin side.

It has a firm but delicate feel to the puff pastry.

It smells sweet and buttery.

A lot of puff pastry, and not a lot of filling.
The pastry tastes alright, but not really like an Eccles Cake.
The pastry is too thick and not light and fluffy enough.
The little fruit that is evident is not very rich.




Oh dear! This really isn’t meant to be consumed by one person, this is really meant to be devoured by 2 people. It too is not over filled like some pastries, but has a perfect balance of flavours! This though, despite being delicious is not an Eccles Cake, more of a current filled pastry.


No unpleasant after taste and not as heavy as it implies, forget the Eccles cake and take it as it is, a winner.


Nice as a puff pastry biscuit, but not really an Eccles Cake.
It is a meal in and of itself.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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