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Aldi Specially Selected Exquisite Luxury Hand Crafted Mince Pies

ALDI Specially Selected Exquisite Luxury Hand Crafted Mince Pies.
All-Butter, Hand-Cut pastry with brandy-rich mincemeat & a Frangipane topping.

Energy – 241kcal per pie.



Lovely hand made look and feel and nice to see them not individually packed in a foil container.

First mouthful I had a moment and then I took another bite, thin crisp pastry although there is a distinct lack of a buttery flavour, the proportion of topping to mince meat is disproportionate with the topping overwhelming the filling although the filling is rich and fruity in flavour.

The initial alcohol flavour compliments beautifully but by the third bite is overwhelming and leaves an after-taste in the mouth for an uncomfortable while after.

Initially the perfect variation on a traditional mince-pie which is let down by repeated bites, the alcohol, lack of buttery flavouring and balance between topping and filling.



It definitely has that rustic, homemade look to it, and they must be happy with how they look as there is a window in the box so you can see all six pies.  I feel happy with how they look as this does show them to be handmade as stated on the box.
The pastry is not too soft, nor too hard.
You can smell the frangipane topping.

First bite is so very nice, I must admit to enjoying a frangipane topping or two.
The brandy mince then kicks in.
Upon taking another bite, there is definitely an overwhelming flavour of brandy, which takes the enjoyment of the mince away.
When taking a mouthful of the whole pie, the brandy is over the top and dominates the whole flavour of the pie.  Towards the end of the mouthful, the frangipane manages to make an appearance.
As much as they appear to seem good, the brandy is over balanced, spoiling the mince-pie.



Presentation – 8/10

Pastry – 7/10

Mincemeat 8/10

Mincemeat to pastry ratio – 6/10

Lid – 9/10

Magnum P.I.G. took the plunge first and his topping was over balanced to the mince, as he had roughly half and half, where as mine was more two-thirds mince, to a third topping.
Pork-scratching didn’t say a lot to his plunge, and just eat through. Upon asking him he also stated his was half and half.



A piece of art that simply does not deliver after the initial wow.


An initially nice change to the traditional mince-pie, with a good idea of having that marzipan flavour, and a brandy soaked mincemeat.  But overall I feel let down by the balance being more brandy than anything else.


Overall, it was a very good mince-pie! The initial bite was beautiful, but after that the brandy had an over powering taste distracting from the rest of the flavour.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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