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Iceland Luxury Mince Pies

All butter shortcrust pastry mince pies filled with a fruity mincemeat containing vine fruits and brandy.

Energy – 230kcal per pie.



The pie, once removed from the packing, does look decidedly similar the those pictured on the box.  And they come in the usual little foil cups.

The pastry isn’t over soft, and not too firm.

You can only smell the pastry.

First bite is not bad, and the icing sugar adds a little sweetness to the overall taste.  The pastry is neither great or bad, just forgettable.
After taking another bite, I just had to take another and another, and soon it was all gone.  Definitely an enjoyable mince-pie.
They have not been stingy on the filling either, with little space between that and the pastry lid.


Very nicely presented with a little rustic feel although still a factory manufactured pie looks very tempting and attractive, deliberate or by chance loved the uneven browning on the pastry and slap dash icing sugar on the top.

Very well balanced ratio between filling and pastry thickness, pastry though is slightly doughy although very nice without being overly soft or hard.

Rich moist tasty mince meat, slightly too sweet for my liking and there is no distinguishable difference in flavours between bites so the filling is over processed.


Presentation – 6/10

Pastry – 7/10

Mincemeat 9/10 

Mincemeat to pastry ratio – 9/10

Lid – 7/10



The initial bite was not overwhelming with excitement, but after taking another mouthful I did need to finish quickly so I could take another bite.
It is most certainly an enjoyable pie, and great value for money.


A very enjoyable but sweet pie, the perfect mince-pie for a coffee drinker who forgets to put the sugar in their mug.


Overall, it was a very tasty mince-pie. It had a lovely balance between the mincemeat and pastry. It had that wow factor!



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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