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Marks & Spencer The Collection Christmas Star Mince Pies

Crisp and golden all butter shortcrust pastry pies deep filled with a special mincemeat blend of plump vine fruits, glacé cherries, brandy and port.

Energy – 207kcal per pie



Little bit of deja vu here, very nicely presented with a little rustic feel although still a factory manufactured pie looks incredible tempting and attractive, not as deep as some and like the touch of a change from the normal foil container.

The pastry is to soft and boarding undercooked, I dropped it no sooner than picking it up with icing sugar and pastry covering me and the floor.

The first mouthful confirmed my concerns regarding the pastry, nice buttery and light but very dough like, the filling though is wonderful, each mouthful has a different flavour and texture with a pop of fruit, perfectly balanced between the sweet and tart and not overworked. Forget the pastry I just want the mince meat.


A very pleasant appearance to this pie, with a different container, instead of a silver foil, this has a brown papery cup.

The pastry is soft and can give in easily, but can hold together if careful.

You can pick up both the pastry and mincemeat both equally.

Oh now we are talking.  A great balanced pie, with none of the ingredients competing against each other.  The pastry isn’t too thick and tastes as delicate as it feels, with a slight buttery flavour.  There is plenty of mincemeat with no room for empty space, and taste as good as it looks.  Fruity and spicy without being over the top, and you can taste the cherries.  The brandy and port add to the flavour, and doesn’t wash over the pie.   The icing sugar adds to the flavour too.


Presentation – 7/10
Pastry – 8/10
Mincemeat 8/10
Mincemeat to pastry ratio – 9/10
Lid – 8/10



I’m taking these home to bake in the oven and address the pastry concerns, it could be perfect!


Now this pie I can recommend, and was a joy to eat.  Only quibble if there has to be one, is the addition of cherries to the flavour.  Again this is not a big distraction.


The pastry was very tasty, with a nice combination with the mince filling and pastry casing! Overall, a very delicious mince-pie.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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