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Marks & Spencer Christmas Puff Pastry Mince Pies

Delicious all butter puff pastry mince pies filled with our classic mincemeat, bursting with juicy sultanas, vostizza currants & raisins.

Energy – 191kcal per pie.


Oh the look, it looks so delicious.  They look very well made and deep.
There is no foil cup, or cup of any kind to which these pies sit.  They are naked within the packing.
The pies look exactly how they appear on the pack.  (Like little pig noses.)

Considering it is puff pastry, the side is firm enough with a light flaky top.

Even the smell is mouth-watering.  A very pleasant aroma of mincemeat and puff pastry.

With the first bite I would like to say wow, really nice pastry.  You can taste a little of the mincemeat, but that is where the problem lies.
I just had to finish the pie off as it tasted so nice, it is just a shame that the filling of mincemeat is not deep enough.
In some respects you can under stand with the puff pastry, that there would not be much room for the mince.  However to make this oh so much more enjoyable, it needed a wee bit more of the mincemeat.
What there is of the mince filling is very tasty indeed.  Up to the standards of all the other Marks & Spencer’s Mince Pie mincemeat.


I forgot I had to review this, I need another one cause the first just disappeared.

Beautifully buttery puff pastry with the ideal amount of sugar on the top, lovely crunch without being too hard and yes it did flake all over the floor and me. The pastry is so good though I would happily eat it on its own.

The mince meat filling is lovely, there’s just not enough of it, a slightly tart flavour with the perfect texture that compliments the pastry topping perfect, it’s good and I mean really good.


Presentation – 9/10

Pastry – 8/10

Mincemeat 7/10 

Mincemeat to pastry ratio – 6/10

Lid – 8/10



As I mentioned, the pastry is very good.  So much so that I had to mop up all the crumbs, as I didn’t want to waste a single piece.
This is a pie that I would say definitely makes you salivate.
Now I need to eat another pie.
……nom, nom, nom.
That second pie tasted even better, even having a good balance of mince filling.
Need more.  I think this may be the one.
(Example – Three little pigs sampling the pies, then having to take a second, a pie back to back.  All of the six pack of pies finished in record time, and now we need another pack to eat.)


Just ate another straight after and still want another one, would do a packet of these without a second thought, if it had a larger mince meat filling it would be all over, straight to the top of the pile for now though.


Overall, a nice mince pie. Being puff pastry it was very flaky meant when biting into it, it went everywhere. It even meant that Magnum P.I.G had to crack out the vacuum!



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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