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Waitrose Rich & Buttery Cherry & Almond Hot Cross Bun

Fruited hot cross buns made with Californian raisins, cherries, cranberries and almonds. Enriched with butter and egg.

Energy – 198kcal per bun.



Soft and sticky with an incredibly fragranced smell which reminds me of Amaretto Cherries , the texture and colour is light and alluring.

When you have a piece which has a cherry it’s lovely, the problem is the 3% cherry content, basically the bun walked through the factory and didn’t stop for long and as for the almonds, if you have a nut allergy you would probably get away with eating one.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not the worst hot cross bun it’s just not that good, it’s bland and after finishing it I did have an unsavoury after taste in my mouth.


Taste 6/10
Current to bread ratio 8/10
Texture 7/10
Overall 8.5/10


It looks the part. Nicely glazed, with the odd fruit appearing along with a rare glimpse of a cherry.

The bun is soft like the should, with a sticky texture.

As soon as you open the packet, your nose is invaded by the strong cherry aroma. It smells very good.

It does not have an overbearing flavour of anything special with the initial bite.
You can’t really taste any almond or supposed cranberries, so I suppose they only added to the overall flavour. When you do have a cherry it does make it that much better.




Full of promise that doesn’t deliver and really does disappoint.


Not the best, but not the worse… With it’s very strong glazed cherry aroma and sticky coating this hot cross bun is right up there with the likes of M&S.Now to try the others that they have to offer!


The fruit mix does bring it up from a bland bun with fruit, however the mix is a little short. Not the worse I have tasted.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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