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M&S Bakery Mini Chocolate & Orange Hot Cross Bun

Mini Hot Cross Buns with Belgian dark chocolate chips, orange puree, candied orange and lemon peel and spices, enriched with egg and butter.

Energy – 86kcal per bun.



It does look very chocolatey and orangey, but as these are minis, they are tiny.

As per all the Hot Cross Buns, these do feel like soft bread rolls.

A lovely strong orange and chocolate aroma wafts out as you open the packet.

Yes, the bread roll does taste like chocolate with orange undertones, and becomes even more so when you bite in to a chocolate chip or peel.
There is an odd almost spiced fruit tang to the mouth on a bite or two, as if eating a fruit Hot Cross Bun.


Taste 8/10
Texture 6/10
Size 6/10
Overall 7.5/10


Stunning fruity chocolate smell, OMG if this was a drink with that smell it would be a winner.

Now I’m hoping that cross on top is as orange flavoured as it’s coloured, it not’s, it’s bland and tastes of nothing, what a missed opportunity.

Talking of missed opportunities I had hoped the bun was as chocolate flavoured as it’s colour is beautifully chocolate brown, it’s not, just more food colouring and no flavouring.

Starting to feel a little down, now the fruity peel is excellent as is the chocolate chips which melt perfectly and taste as I had hoped, in combination it’s good, it’s just not really good as it could do with more peel.



The cross on top of the bun appears to be orange flavoured, but alas it is a bland flavour as all Hot Cross Buns, (except for the awful Morrison’s we tasted a while back). As Magnum states, a missed opportunity.

These are a good alternative to those who do not like the dried fruit in Hot Cross Buns.


This hot cross bun was very nice, as when you first bite into it you get a sudden hit of dark chocolate and then you get the zesty orange after taste. They are a bit on the small side, but otherwise a brilliant hot cross bun!!


A missed opportunity for something really special, good but lacks any wow factor.


R – No, not an ideal way to eat them surprisingly enough, probably still need a little butter to help.
They are better NOT to be toasted.

P – Undecided.

M – A word of advise, don’t toast them, apart from the red-hot chocolate melting onto your finger tips when you pick them up and yes it does hurt, it’s not nice, it just doesn’t work.



We have a mouth, therefore we shall fill it.

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